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Drake Larson Farm

Drake and Pam Larson

Thermal , California

Certified Since:  1986 

Drake Larson and his crew planting grape vines.Author, scientist, and “Grape grower too”, Drake is one of the early organic pioneers, cultivating over 100-acres of green, red and black seedless grapes in Thermal, California. Drake fondly remembers the passionate enthusiasm of the “Organic Originals”.

Drake married his wife and kindred spirit, Pam, fresh out of college to pursue their dream of bringing fresh produce with great flavor to neighbors and friends. Their daughters, Kerry and Annika, grew up on the farm. Kerry has gone on to a career as an interior designer, and Annika works for an Organic food distribution company.

Drake was born into farming, being the grandson of a cattleman from Colorado and the son of a cotton and grape grower. Drake and his family have continued the tradition and embrace the strong relationships to the community and the land that goes back over generations.

The Larson family invites you to enjoy their sweet and deliciously grown grapes!